About me

Thank you for your interest to know the boring bits of my life.

I'm a thirty-something female person living as a middle class citizen of the Philippines. I'm a mom, a wife, and a civil servant. In my previous life, I have lived in Metro Manila where people noticed my particular intonation or accent (i.e. "di ko alam, eh. sabi nila, dito eh.) so eventually I learned the Metro speaking style (i.e. "how much po ito?"). However, these days I have hibernated in the province and happily living and working here with my son and husband.

Most of my blog entries are dedicated to the awesome establishments in the province, which I aim to share with people, hoping that they too would experience the provincial life. However, I am a self-confessed lazy ass so my entries would be spaced a week or maybe months apart.

Once in a while I would take a vacation and afterwards share my experience to the public through this blog. Enjoy reading.

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