Where to eat in Laguna: Herb Republic

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From seed to table - this is the tagline of Herb Republic, a small restaurant and organic vegetable, herb, and meat provider located along Lopez Ave., Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna. The restaurant was formerly located along the national road, Barangay Maahas.

The restaurant along Los Baños. Grabbed from their Facebook page.

The old signage in their old location 

The location of Herb Republic near UP Los Baños seems pretty apt considering that one of the main focus of UPLB is in agriculture. Aside from serving great food, they also provide production modules for livestock, herbs, vegetables, horticultural amendments, and waste processing. Their team is composed of producing sustainable, safe, and quality food.

With that said, you are guaranteed to have fresh, organic, and healthy food every time you dine in Herb Republic.

We started out with their Herb Republic salad with toasted pita bread, shiitake mushrooms, lettuce mixed with herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, and their dressing, which I forgot what it's made of - most probably garlic and yogurt. This is a very healthy start to our lunch. Yum :)

Herb republic salad, P199 (not sure if the price has increased ^^;)

Hello soup. These are the only soups they offer in their menu. Both soups are devoid of fat and grease. The basil mushroom soup has misua in it too.

Thyme onion soup, P65

Basil mushroom soup, P65

Our favorite from Herb Republic! Pork wrapped in bok choy balls topped with sesame seeds and then steamed. As it's not salty, it tasted perfect when dipped in soy sauce.

Bok choy balls, P115

Here's another favorite, which we always buy during special occasions - oven-roasted rosemary chicken. The chicken is very tender, juicy, and well-seasoned. The chicken is stuffed and covered with rosemary. The chicken is accompanied with a honey mustard dressing.

Medium-sized oven-roasted rosemary chicken, P448

There are strange items in their menu though, like this garlic-kissed carrot drink. At first sip, you get the distinct taste of garlic followed by the bland taste of carrot. Well, weird, and maybe it's just us. :)

Garlic-kissed carrot drink, P69

This guyabano drink can qualify as a mashed fruit considering its consistency. We weren't a fan of this drink either although the taste is well-balanced - not too sweet.

Guyabano cooler, P69

This is my all-time favorite! Tarragon iced tea with my mom on the background :)) 

My favorite, tarragon iced tea, P69 (Hi mohmeee~~)

For dessert, you can pick from their molten chocolate cupcake or this one, walnut cheesecake. The cheesecake is the baked kind - New York cheese topped with crushed walnuts with caramel (?). This one is a winner and a great way to end your meal at Herb Republic. Yum!

Walnut cheesecake, P75

Here's their menu. Not sure if it's updated. :)

For more information about Herb Republic:
Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/HerbRepublic


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