Where to eat in Puerto Princesa: Gypsy's Lair Art Cafe

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where to eat in Puerto Princesa? That was also our dilemma when we had our 4-day vacation in the city. We were poorly prepared, obviously. The only restaurant I knew we had to experience was Kinabuch's and since we're staying for three nights, we need to find two more restaurants to dine in.

And so during our second day in the city, I remembered something that the pension owner said about TripAdvisor and the ranking depending on accommodation or restaurants. According to TripAdvisor, the number one restaurant in Puerto Princesa is Le Terrasse, but upon seeing the reviews and the menu, it seemed too high-end for us so we settled for #2 - Gypsy's Lair Art Cafe.

Gypsy's Lair is located in Mercado de San Miguel, a 2-storey mall that houses a souvenir shop and several restaurants. It is located along the National Highway and near the tiange tiange or the place with souvenir shops.

There are actually two entrances to the cafe - one themed in green and another in red. I wasn't able to take photos inside the cafe but it was filled with unusual and even bordering on scary art pieces - like a doll in a bird cage and a barbie doll in a sort of gothic wedding dress. Seeing these artworks, we decided to dine outside hahaha Just kidding - it was raining outside and it felt nice to dine al fresco.

How do you rotate this thing on Blogger? hehe

It was a Saturday night when we ate in Gypsy's Lair, which means there will be a live band. Anyway, going to the food...

Chris ordered a tuna burrito, which came as a surprise to us. It used green tomatoes and not the usual red tomatoes! Even the salsa used the green ones. I thought it would be sour but it tasted just right. The breading of the tuna gave a crunch to the burrito. It was so yummy and tasted healthy!

I ordered their Pinoy-style Pad Thai sans the shrimp as I'm allergic to it. Compared to Thailand's Pad Thai, this one is not spicy and had a bit of soy sauce and less calamansi to it? I forgot haha but it tasted delicious and felt light to the tastebuds as well.

For dessert, the waiter wanted us to try their special dish, mango something. Below is the sign. We were so happy with what we have eaten that we decided to try their mango dish.

And so the waiter carried out cooking materials. Their recipe is not so secret after all - I saw cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, water, mangoes, and the rum. I guess the price, P115, is all for the show with the flaming pan. He basically melted the butter, added the sugar to caramelize it, placed the mango (before the sugar was totally caramelized) - and after a bit of stirring, he added the rum, which immediately burst into flames. While the flame was lowering, he briskly sprinkled the cinnamon. I forgot when he added the water haha.

Ta-daan, here's the dish. We have to say, the taste was a bit disappointing. The mango was a bit sour and I can taste the cinnamon powder on my tongue. It would be great if they added something sweet - like a drizzle of chocolate syrup, maybe?

We stayed for a while while watching the band play acoustic songs. There were already two couples (both had male Caucasian companions) sitting outside watching the band play. We ordered assorted dynamite sticks - some had ground beef/pork inside and cheese. Yum!

We just drank San Mig but here are other options for their cocktail concoctions. They had weird names, haha

Overall it's an awesome dinner in Puerto Princesa City and we're glad that we found this restaurant. We definitely recommend this place!

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