Where to eat in Malaysia: Atmosphere 360

Saturday, July 27, 2013

For any food lover, an all-you-can-eat buffet is heaven. What more if it's in Southeast Asia's tallest tower at 282 meters above ground level? For 'meryenda' or afternoon snack in our second day in Kuala Lumpur, we decided to go to Atmosphere 360, a revolving restaurant located in Menara Kuala Lumpur or most commonly known as KL Tower.

We chose Hi-Tea, which is only available on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. And because we're stingy and we read bad reviews where they said the food was not that great. It costs 58.60++ MYR or roughly converted to Php 791. We dined in for experience and it's not everyday that we get to go overseas and eat in a revolving restaurant on top of a tower.

Going to the KL tower would require you to take a cab as it would take maybe 5 minutes by car to get to the main entrance. Walking is not advisable at all but if you love climbing uphill, then go! 

There are two options when going on top of the KL tower - the restaurant or the observation deck. When going to the restaurant, you have to advise the receptionist of your reservation before you are led to the elevators. It only takes less than 60 dizzying seconds to get to the top.

We were ushered to our table, which is beside the windows overlooking KL. Our initial reaction was we were too far from the buffet table! But since that only the dining area was revolving, we get to be right beside the buffet table in a couple of minutes. Here are two snaps of KL from the tower:

Since it was revolving, we were a bit dizzy but eventually we got used to it. I haven't taken a photo of the buffet table but the choices were pretty generic. There was a spread of ingredients for salad, breads of all kinds (even green tea bread, black bread, and roti of course), a counter filled of sweets, a laksa and congee/noodle counter, and various Malaysian/Indian viands. 

True enough, if you went to Atmosphere 360 just to go on a food trip, you will be disappointed. The roti even felt like the packed roti you buy in supermarket as it's hard and not chewy unlike the fresh roti we got from the Indian restaurant in Batu Caves. The salad counter is the typical salad spread you see in buffets anywhere. The bread counter is a bit unique but I bet it's not for other tourists. 

Another let-down is the coffee and tea station. I was expecting to see different kinds of tea to pick from but they were only serving the typical brewed tea. Coffee is only the brewed coffee - not even the specialty coffee machine where you can create your own cafe latte, cafe mocha, etc.

So here's my first plate. I made my own salad with red wine vinaigrette (for fiber! haha), vegetables stuffed in tofu, salmon sandwich, and the black bread. The bread looks unique but trust me, it tastes just like any other french bread. 

Presenting the roti! Ok, I thought that the red thing was chutney as it was displayed beside the roti but it was shrimp paste! Hah that was weird. I also had the tasteless samosa, typical dumpling, tasteless chicken wing, and tasteless egg roll. 

I skipped the Laksa since it has prawn, which I'm allergic to. I went straight for dessert, which includes the typical sweets in any hotel/buffet. The one that stood out is the kutsinta or sticky rice cake with coconut. The cream puff and lemon chiffon cake is yummy too. And yes, that's the green tea bread there. I downed these all with tea since I was feeling very full by that time. 

Dining at Atmosphere 360 is a unique experience all in all. Even though the food was not great, we loved the experience of seeing the 360 degree view of KL in a revolving restaurant. The comfort room with the dark blue lights like a spaceship is a plus too, but I forgot to take a photo.

Our table

Stomach in after eating. Burp.

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