A story of wings

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sometimes one has to think that living in a boarding house without a proper kitchen has its perks - you get to eat out A LOT. Sounds fun but not too great when considering my budget and the amount of MSG I consume on a daily basis. Due to this lifestyle, I was able to eat different parts of chicken cooked in a variety of ways - roasted, fried, boiled, steamed, baked, stir-fried, name it!

Recently though there has been an increase in popularity of chicken wings. So here are the top three wings that I've consumed during the past year:

Manang's Chicken's original flavored wings. Tasted this in Soderno, Molito, Alabang. Deep fried medium-sized chicken wings dipped in their original sauce then topped with sesame seeds. The first time I tried this, I was hooked! The skin is crispy similar to Jollibee chicken joy and the meat inside is tasty. Since the wings were dipped directly in their sauce, it was dripping when I picked it up and ate it with my fingers. Whatta tasty mess. For the three times that I went to Soderno, I never missed to buy its P99 chicken wings. There's a certain homemade taste to it that I never get tired of. The best!

Brooklyn Pizza's Buffalo Wings. Who would have thought only two of us consumed this basket of wings from Brooklyn Pizza? Hehe. These wings were deep fried and coated with a spicy sauce that seemed to have a lot of chili oil. It was spicy! Compared to the other two wings featured in this entry, the skin on their wings were not too crispy, which is just ok. I would've wanted sour cream to lessen the spiciness of the wings, but as it was paired with pasta, my tongue didn't get burned that much. For the quantity of the wings in our order, I can say this is worth my money. :)
Bon Chon Hot and Spicy Wings. I tried this way back when they were new in Makati. What I distinctly remember is that their wings were too spicy that made my eyes water a bit. The meat wasn't tasty but the skin was crunchy. We paired it with rice since it was so spicy and burned my tongue. Until now, I haven't tasted their soy garlic wings. I was also able to try their spicy chicken breasts but only the skin had the flavor, the whole meat didn't. It was a disappointing lunch for me then and it was quite pricey.

I have yet to try the freshly cooked wings in 4Fingers Crispy Chicken in their store in SM North EDSA. I was able to have a taste of their wings brought to Alabang by some of my officemates but as expected, it wasn't that crispy anymore but it was tasty. It was a bit salty for my taste but it had flavor inside and outside. Nomnom.

I'll be continuing to search for the yummiest wings in the Metro but for now I'm contented with Manang's Chicken! They already have a branch in Glorietta food court, so aside from Soderno, I have that option to go to Makati and munch away. How about you? What's your favorite chicken wings?

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